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Salvage Notepad Beta Bee


You know that really nice notepad you bought years ago and keep in a drawer without ever touching? You can't right? It's too nice!

This is not that kind of notepad.

Salvaged cardboard, recycled paper, tape from questionable sources and cobbled together with a gleeful disregard to how these things are supposed to work. this is a notepad for drawing in, writing in, spilling gravy on. It's for throwing in your pack and taking on adventures. This notebook is punk rock. Go ahead and beat it up, it will only get more awesome.

These are the smaller notepads you can shove in a generous pocket.

This limited edition has a bee lasered into the cover because bees are awesome! A portion of the proceeds from this edition will go to bees. And by that I mean I am going to buy some honey from this guy I know who keeps bees. The honey will be delicious.

60 pages, something close to 4.5 x 6"